Sound American 16: Anthony Braxton's Language Music

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Sound American and the Tri-Centric Foundation is pleased to release this rare sonic trip inside Anthony Braxton's twelve essential Language Music Types. Recorded at Firehouse 12 studios in July 2016, thirteen musicians that have worked closely with the composer, some for decades, were given one Language Type each. They were asked to perform the type (multiphonic, long sounds, etc.) very plainly for auditory examples in SA16, but were then allowed to build upon the limitation, in the way that Braxton intended, manipulating the language type itself, or combining it with others to create, what the composer refers to as, combinatory logics. Ultimately, the pieces became more than fascinating illuminatory case studies of a system. As is the end result of all of Anthony Braxton's complex and rich musical cosmology, these pieces became highly personal music.

For more information about how the Language Music works, its impact on the rest of Braxton's composition, and to find out more about an incredibly diverse, personal, and iconoclastic musical vision, go to to read the rest of SA16: The Anthony Braxton Issue!

All proceeds from download sales of this very special set of solo performances will be split equally between and the Tri-Centric Foundation and used to continue their separate cultural endeavors.


Language Music 1: Long Sounds (+LM6:Multiphonics)-Matthew Welch (soprano saxophone)

Language Music 2: Accented Long Sounds-Aaron Siegel (percussion)

Language Music 3: Trills-Christopher McIntyre (trombone)

Language Music 4: Staccato Line Formings-Anne Rhodes (voice)

Language Music 5: Intervallic Formings-Ingrid Laubrock (tenor saxophone)

Language Music 6: Multiphonics-Katherine Young (bassoon)

Language Music 7: Short Attacks (+LM3:Trills)-Adam Matlock (accordion)

Language Music 8: Angular Attacks-Joe Morris (guitar)

Language Music 9: Legato Formings-Tomeka Reid (cello)

Language Music 10: Diatonic Formings-Jason Kao Hwang (violin)

Language Music 11: Gradient Formings-Carl Testa (bass)

Language Music 12: Subidentity Formings (LM6+LM3+LM7+Composition 118F)-James Fei (alto saxophone)

Combinatory Logics: (Trillium J (Ntzockie)+LM5+LM10+LM7+LM11+Trillium J)-Kyoko Kitamura (voice)

Recorded July 17 at the Firehouse 12 Warehouse Studio, Greg DiCrosta, engineer with special thanks to Greg, Nick Lloyd and Firehouse 12, and all the participants!

Photo of Anthony Braxton by Lucasz Reichert

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Sound American 16: Anthony Braxton's Language Music

2 ratings
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